What We Do


This is where we separate from the rest.

1.  We train on every visit to your store
2.  Host round table training sessions
3.  Offer a web based development program.

Also on our team are the best national trainers in the business.
Our methods and training will help increase production, as well as keep your team knowledgeable on compliance issues.


All of our products offered are safe and secure which means customer satisfaction. By offering products that are, “A” rated by AM Best, allows for faster paid claims and continued support during and after the contract term.


Monthly reports showing the number of claims paid at your dealership and other dealerships. Flexibility of how claims are paid to your dealership in order to maximize the success of your program. We review your claims history and loss ratio to make sure performance is to your expectation.


Our continued training of compliance and regulation issues is the safety net to keep your dealership current and up to date with this continuous moving target.  Designing a menu tailored to the products you choose to sell helps to maintain a compliant sales process.


Our experience in all aspects of the dealership sales operation will give you many options. If it requires an evaluation of you current sales process or if the focus is on finance and insurance, we can help get you to the next level. With over 35 years of in dealership and banking experience, our team has the ability to see through the problem and get to the fix.


Detailed monthly dealer statements for reconciliation use showing sales and profits on products sold. Participation program statements with current cessions and claims payments. You will have web access to eliminate delays in obtaining accurate information.